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Finance, Accounting and Public Procurement Division

Sendi Sinanović
Head of Finance, Accounting and Public Procurement Division
Phone: +382 30 313 240 / +382 30 313 241
Fax: +382 30 313 274
Address: Maršala Tita 7, Bar

Finance, Accounting and Public Procurement Division are performs activities related to: financial-and bookkeeping operations, projection and realization of the program budget, monitoring and realization of contracts and other financial obligations, monitoring the inflow and outflow of funds, preparation of information and reports regarding the state of financial resources allocated to the Administration, calculation of salaries and other compensations for the employees of the Administration and preparation of payrolls, treasury operations, drafting and implementation of financial plans, assets management, preparation of regular and specific financial reports; preparation and realization of the public procurement plan and implementation of the public procurement procedure within the Administration, activities defined in the legislation related to the public procurement procedure, preparation of reports and providing periodic statements on completed public procurement procedures ; record keeping and other tasks within the scope of its authority. 

Technical Inspectorate Division

Milo Radović
Head of Technical Inspectorate for Navigable Vessels Division
Phone: +382 32 671 252 / +382 32 660 090
Fax: +382 32 671 251
Address: Obala Maršala Tita 1, Tivat

Technical Inspectorate Division performs the activities in relation with establishing the seaworthiness of ships and other vessels and floating objects at sea and inner waters of Montenegro including: performing the technical control of the existing vessels and vessels under construction, issuing of ships’ documents, books and certificates, calculating tonnage during tonnage measurement of vessels; keeping records; providing technical expertise in cases of marine incidents and other activities within the scope of the Divisions authority.

Division for Technical Survey and Registration of Yachts

Goran Kastratović
Head of Montenegro Yacht Register Division
Phone: +382 30 313 240 / +382 30 313 241
Fax: +382 30 313 274
Address: Maršala Tita 7, Bar

The Law on Yachts defines yacht as a vessel, propelled either by sails or engine, which can have more than one hull, intended and equipped for longer stays at sea, for pleasure, sport and leisure, with the length of more than 7 meters and used for personal needs or commercial activity.
The term “intended and equipped for longer stays at sea” implies appropriate conditions for accommodation and stay which enables autonomous stay at sea for the persons on board, especially from the standpoint of protection and safety. Yacht has to be of a closed type with superstructure, with cabin or berth accommodation for all persons aboard a yacht, with fixed VHF radio station, ventilation, lighting, fresh water tank and sewage tank, kitchen, lavatories, places for storage of lifesaving equipment and personal possessions of the persons onboard.

Documents required for the inscription of a yacht into the Register

For entering a yacht into the Register of Yachts the following documents are required:
1. Request for registration into the Register with the proposed name of the yacht,
2. Identification card or passport submitted for inspection in order to establish the identity of natural  persons or the certificate of registration for legal persons which own the yacht,
3. Power of attorney, duly certified, for representing the owner,
4. Mandatory insurance policy as prescribed by the law which regulates mandatory insurance in traffic,
5. Certificate of deletion of a yacht from the Registry in case of a previously registered yacht,
6. Evidence of ownership of the yacht,
7. International Tonnage Certificate or Builder’s Certificate,
8. Evidence of payment of the fee for the registration.

Aids to Navigation Division

Adnan Karađuzović
Head of Aids to Navigation Division
Phone: +382 30 313 240 / +382 30 313 241
Fax: +382 32 671 251
Address: Jovana Tomašević 14, Bar

Aids to Navigation Division performs activities related to: safety of navigation in the coastal sea area of Montenegro regarding regulation and maintenance of navigable waterways, installation of safety aids on navigable waterways and ensuring their proper functioning; maintenance of maritime safety devices and structures; collection of fees for the use of aids to navigation devices on waterways; collaboration in the making of nautical charts and nautical publications; preparation and submission of data for the transmission of Notices to Mariners related to aids to navigation; application of international and European conventions and agreements and collaboration with authorized international organizations; performs other tasks within the scope of its authority.

Prevention of Pollution from Ships Division

Prevention of Pollution from Ships Division is responsible for activities related to prevention of and response to marine pollution from ships in accordance with the National Contingency Plan for Response to Marine Pollution from Ships, as well as for the periodical updating and upgrading of the NCP. The Division is also responsible for drafting regulations, instructions and procedures within the scope of its authority; collaboration with government bodies, international organizations and competent bodies of other countries in the field of prevention of and response to marine pollution; tracking and implementation of international conventions and European directives in the field of pollution prevention and response; revision of plans for the prevention of pollution in ports and marinas; providing expertise to the Director regarding the complex issues involved in the pollution prevention and response.